What I Do

I’m a producer and audio engineer specialized in working with a cappella groups, vocal bands, and solo vocal artists.

I’m a musician and a music lover too.

A great producer MUST feel and understand the type of music you want to create – that’s why I listen so much.


Every project is unique. I take pride in custom-tailoring my approach for each album, EP, and single.



Here are some essential steps:




Getting amazing raw material is crucial to the impact of a final product. I help you minimize distractions and focus on what’s important: the performance.

In addition to my expertise in tracking, my broad experience as an arranger, director, editing engineer, and mixing engineer means our sessions will be shamelessly fun, wickedly efficient, and ever-mindful of the next steps in the album-making process.






A great editing job smoothes rough edges and tightens a performance
without robbing them of their organic energy and groove.

Or maybe your project calls for a much more heavy-handed approach . That’s cool too.
Editing can be as subtle or as drastic/creative as necessary.




Achieve your artistic vision. Whether you imagine your final product should sound “otherworldly,” “naturally refined,” or anywhere in between, mixing can take you there.

It’s a combination of adjusting levels, tweaking timbre, and adding effects/reverb to attain that HUGE sound you had in mind.




Mastering gives the final polish necessary to help to squeeze every last bit of potential out of your songs. It’s where your music is subtly tweaked to ensure it sounds great on all kinds of listening systems, in all sorts of contexts.

A cappella music poses a series of unique challenges to mastering engineers; a special type of finesse is required to heighten the impact of your music without damaging it in the process. I’ve been mastering a cappella music for years and I’m confident you’ll love the results.